15 June 2023

Sudan Conflict: A New Migration Crisis?

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Sudan – Africa’s third largest county with a population of 45 million has recently made headlines, resembling a nightmare scenario. On April 15th, a military conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces broke out, who had previously joined forces in a coup against the ruling president in 2019. One month in, 1000 civil casualties were reported, 5100 are injured. In an attempt to escape, it is estimated that already more than 100 thousand people have fled the country. Ayla Errin Bonfiglio, Regional Head of Eastern and Southern Africa, Yemen and Egypt from the Mixed Migration Centre and Barbara Salcher, Dialogue Coordinator of the Khartoum Process, elaborate on the current migration situation emerging from the conflict. The podcast is hosted by Elisabeth Minkow, ICMPD Communications Officer.